What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a healing art that combines thumb and finger techniques on specific areas on the feet, ears and hands by applying gentle pressure. The basic principle is that those areas correspond to different parts of the body, such as organs and systems. By pressing those zones the body let go of stress the general health of person is improving.Reflexology

At Art Massage our therapists use reflexology to complement treatments for conditions like headaches, anxiety, cancer treatment, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular issues,sinusitis, kidney function. But it is not considered a type of massage or a cure for health disorder. This type of  massage is a preventive measure that teaches the body to relax and not react to stress.

What happens during Reflexology session?

The session will begin with application of an oil and a massage to allow the skin to absorb it. The therapist will use maps of reflex point for stimulate reflexology areas with finger or thumb and enough intensity to produce pleasure. The environment is a warm space with soft lighting, fresh air and mellow music. Setting a healing space is important in order to prepare the body for full relaxation.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

ReflexologyReflexology has become very popular over the years across Europe and Asia as an alternative medicine that uses the application of pressure on specific points. The main benefit is balancing the body’s energy by releasing congestion or stress in the nervous system. There are, also, other benefits such as: relaxation of the muscles, dilatation of blood vessels, reduction of circulatory restrictions, reduction of congestion in nerve endings. Most sessions are unwinding and move mental clarity and in addition physical help.

It is astonishing what this therapy can really do! Predictable, uniform sessions of reflexology make an open domain for entire well-being. The message to unwind also, to let the body work legitimately is transferred with each session got. The body, brain, and soul react to this system, taking into consideration general self- change.

At Art Massage all of this is possible. Book an appointment and try our services. You will like it!

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