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Massage Therapy – a healing art

massage therapy london

Massage Therapy – a healing art

 Massage Therapy – the oldest healing method

With references in the medical history, massage therapy London is the oldest healing method known by humans. In writing, some proves appears from China, Japan, Egypt and, even, Greece.

Massage turned out to be broadly utilized as a part of Europe amid the Renaissance. In the 80’s, two American doctors who had examined in Sweden presented massage therapy treatment in the United States, where it got to be mainstream and was advanced for an assortment of well being purposes. A couples of years latter, this kind of massage become out of support in the United States but it was resuscitated in the 1970’s, particularly among athletes.

The expression “massage therapy” includes a wide range of procedures. The techniques used by therapists include rubbing, pressing and manipulating the muscles and, also, other parts of the body. With the arms, fingers, elbows and even, feet they are able to provide relaxation and healing.

Types of massage therapy:

With the passing of time, massage therapy develop a variety of techniques. The most common are:

Seems like people all around the world uses massage therapy London for it’s health and relaxing purpose. It can help them reduce the stress, reduce the pain, increase relaxation, help athletes recover from an injury and other purposes.

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